Latin America and the Caribbean

ForumCiv’s regional office, located in Colombia, operates as the sub-granting administrator of programmes and projects implemented by diverse Swedish civil society organizations with presence in different countries of the region. ForumCiv also have joint projects with local partners, through our own Colombia country programme.

ForumCiv started to work in Colombia in 2001 with a programme on peace, democracy and civil participation. The programme resulted in increased support for the United Nation's presence in Colombia. Since then, ForumCiv's operations in the country also include support to women's groups and poor marginalised farmers.

Currently, ForumCiv’s programme in Colombia 2020-2023 is committed to providing continuity to the processes of strengthening social organizations, collectives and other organizational expressions for the promotion and creation of environments that are inclusive and facilitate participation. ForumCiv’s work promotes access to and fulfillment of rights and the sustainable use of goods and services from local ecosystems through a gender perspective while contributing to peacebuilding and territorial development. 

The Country Programme will concentrate its work in three areas: a) Democracy, conflict and justice; b) gender equality and equity; and c) social and economic justice. Based on a contextual analysis and previous experiences, 

Advocacy networks

The regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean participates in several platforms and networks with the purpose of strengthening its role as an advocator in the region.


The EU-LAT Network is a pluralistic network of European movements and organizations that promote solidarity between the people of Latin America and Europe through  advocacy actions to promote participatory European policies, with a gender perspective, that contributes to the comprehensive respect for human rights, democratization and sustainable development in Latin America.


The International Office for Human Rights – Action on Colombia (Oidhaco) – is a network of European organizations and platforms that work to promote the comprehensive respect for human rights, the construction of positive peace and equitable social, economic and environmental relations based on solidarity. These objectives are met through the development of advocacy activities focused on the European Union, its member- and other European states, the United Nations system and other multilateral bodies, in coordination with allied Colombian human rights organizations.


The Space for Peace Cooperation is a platform of international organizations with work in Colombia, initially created in 2016 to monitor the implementation of the Peace Agreement between FARC and the Colombian government, especially the management of the cooperation funds addressed for the implementation. The network has grown as an advocacy actor in the country, having a legitimate and trustworthy voice as a representative of the international community of civil society organizations that are supporting peacebuilding in Colombia.