Promoting human rights, democracy and sustainable development has been ForumCiv’s doings in Cambodia since 1994. Through local communities ForumCiv has supported the sustainable use of natural resources, democracy, gender equality and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

ForumCiv support capacity building to national and community-based organizations so that they can exercise their rights and participate on their own terms in the protection and management of natural resources such as fish, forest and land. Given the thematic focus our work has brought us to fishery, forestry, and indigenous communities.

Over the years we are proud to have been part of:

  • Supporting 271 communities.
  • Supported legal registration of 56 organizations.
  • Supported communities that provided protection of 716 thousand hectares of forest,
  • Which spared 42,2 million tons of carbon from polluting the air.

Strengthening civil society and local communities to increase their influence over decision making has improved environmental and climate impacts as well as combating poverty. For example, in the context where indigenous people derive their livelihood from natural resources, food security and incomes have improved. In some areas such as Save Cambodia’s Wildlife’s direct target communities, poverty rates have been cut down to half, from 17.6% to 9.5%.

With increased technical capacity our confidence grew. The purpose of the financial training was fulfilled when we could secure funding for ecotourism sites in our forest community. (Chheoun Sody, Community leaders in Changkran Roy Forest Community)

Our funding partners are the EU and MAC Foundation.