Project funding

ForumCiv supports efforts worldwide to strengthen civil society's ability to act. We are supporting new ways of organising, mobilising and strengthening the links between those working for sustainable development globally.
Swedish Partnership Programme

ForumCiv's largest grant which focuses on strenghtening civil society actors as agents of change in over 70 countries. Swedish organisations can together with local partner organisations apply for grants to jointly implement projects or programmes with a rights-based approach.

Belarus Programme

The Belarus Grants Programme aims to empower civil society organisations, initiatives and groups in Belarus to advance human rights and civic participation in decision making.

Programmes in Somalia (2012-2020)

Since 2012 ForumCiv has, with the support of Sida, run the Somali Diaspora Programme, and since 2016 the Swedish-Somali Business Programme (SSBP). Both of the programmes ended in 2020.