SASA Programme

Here you will find information on how to apply for funds under the SASA Programme.

Our 5-year strategic plan (2021-2025) at ForumCiv focuses on four strategic pillars: Human rights and Democracy, Gender Equality, Environment & Climate Change, and Migration & Development. In line with this, we have received a two (2) year grant from Hewlett Foundation aimed at Strengthening Agency for Sustainable Accountability (SASA). The SASA Programme seek to promote inclusive governance and human rights; strengthen agency towards gender equality; enhance civil society solidarity, networks, and movement building; and civil society´s organizational and programmatic capacity development in Kenya and Tanzania.  

Through the SASA Programme, ForumCiv aims at empowering communities to build accountable and responsive governance structures and processes. The Programme envisages outcomes across four result areas during the grant period that contribute to the goals of empowering communities to build accountable and responsive governance structures and processes in Kenya and Tanzania.

  1. Result area 1: Promoting inclusive governance and human rights
    Outcomes: 1.1 Increased constructive dialogue between citizens and leaders.
  2. Result area 2: Strengthening agency toward Gender Equality
    Outcomes: 2.1 Increased participation of women and youth leaders in dialogue with duty bearers and stakeholders.
  3. Result area 3: Enhancing CSO networking, solidarity, and movement building
    Outcomes: 3.1 Spaces and platforms for collaboration and coordination are created and/or strengthened.
  4. Result area 4: Capacity development of diverse civil society actors
    Outcomes: 4.1 Civil society organizations and movements are sustainable.

Are you interested in applying for funds under the SASA Programme?

The selected partner organizations can apply for funding under the SASA Programme to implement any of the first two, or both Result Areas.

Please note that ForumCiv under the SASA Programme does not provide for open calls/applications. The applying organization MUST be invited by ForumCiv to make its application for funding. All applications for funding must be submitted during an application window via the Organizational portal.

Important Dates:

The application window will run from 9th December 2022 at 12:00am EAT to 8th January 2023 at 11:59pm EAT.

Application and reporting

In ForumCiv's organization portal you can apply for grants and send in reports. For technical questions in the portal, contact