Anna Stenvinkel Forum Syd's new Secretary-General

News - 2018-12-05
Anna Stenvinkel will be the next Secretary-General for Sweden's largest civil society platform, Forum Syd. She will take office on February 25th.
Anna Stenvinkel poserar framför roll-up:en där det står "Utan civilsamhället tystnar demokratin".

Anna Stenvinkel enters her position at Forum Syd in a time when civil society needs courage and resilience facing a world wide trend of attacks on human rights organisations and activists. 

- It's amazing to have recruited Anna Stenvinkel to the position as Secretary-General. She has a long experience of leading organisations committed to democracy and human rights, says Kent Härstedt, Chairman of Forum Syd.

Anna has long experience of leading organizations under difficult circumstances working to achieve sustainable change in society. In her previous position she was the Head of office at the Swedish Green Party.

- Human rights has always been my call in what I do. It has been a big part of my background and I look forward to get back to this commitment as Secretary-General of Forum Syd. When the world is facing climate change and shrinking space, Forum Syd's work is more important than ever, says Anna Stenvinkel.

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