Annual report 2021 out now!

News - 2022-05-25
2021 was the year when the consequences of the pandemic really left their mark. The space for civil society kept shrinking, but the willingness of people to get involved increased.

It was a tough year for civil society around the world. The temporary restrictions imposed due to the pandemic started to quietly transition into permanent law in many countries. Meanwhile, violence against human rights defenders continued to increase. 

For ForumCiv’s partners in Kenya and Colombia, two countries that both enter election years in 2022, violence against politicians and social leaders has posed major challenges to their ways of working. In Colombia alone, 138 human rights defenders were tragically murdered last year. 

When it comes to the shrinking space for civil society, it has been next to impossible to conduct any programmes at all in Belarus, due to the legal restrictions placed on civil society organizations in the country. 

At the same time, we saw a positive development in people’s willingness to organize, and the great results that a strong civil society can achieve. In Liberia, our newest Country Office, we managed to get a land rights declaration written by rural women all the way to the President’s desk. In Cambodia, a country hit hard by the effects of climate change, a programme aimed at curbing these effects has been very successful. 

Furthermore, ForumCiv had the pleasure of welcoming 35 new member organizations during the year. This has been a real message of strength since an active community of members is key to everything we do. Unfortunately, covid-19 restrictions made it difficult for us to meet in person, but we have adapted. The new digital membership platform has proven to be a very useful way for ForumCiv’s members to interact with each other and share experiences. 

In short, 2021 has shown what civil society is capable of when we organize, despite the many challenges we face. 

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