Forum Syd reduces presence in Somalia

News - 2020-05-05
Important information about Forum Syd's presence in Somalia.

Forum Syd has since 2015 been present in Somalia through its programmes Somalia Diaspora Programme (SDP) and Swedish Somali Business Programme (SSBP). Both programs were designed to end in 2020. Forum Syd has been trying to secure funding to continue run the programmes but has not succeeded. The situation has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Therefore, the programmes will close and Forum Syds office in Somalia will be reduced considerably from July 1. The main focus for the duration of time will be to finalise reporting back as well as continue to seek new funding. Forum Syd has gained valuable knowledge about the context and the challenges, but also about the possibilities in Somalia and is determined to continue support a strong civil society that advocates for Somali people’s rights. 

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