Information regarding COVID-19 to organisations with project funding

News - 2020-03-26
Forum Syd recommends following the authorities' recommendations for travel, physical meetings and prevent spreading infection. This may mean that you as an organisation must postpone, cancel, re-prioritize or change the way you and your partner organisations carry out activities. We are open to flexible solutions.

Forum Syd has a great understanding that organisations will not be able to carry out activities as planned and that it is difficult to plan ahead in this situation.  

If a planning and follow-up trip is budgeted within your project, it may be postponed or canceled, Forum Syd does not need any justification for that. If a feasibility study is planned, it may also be postponed until later. If you need to make other major changes, you should contact your contact person at Forum Syd. This may, for example, apply to changes in project date dates, budget changes where individual budget items deviate by more than 10 percent and by more than SEK 5,000.

Most of Forum Syd's offices are closed until further notice and our staff are working remotely. Operations continue and we handle agreements, requisitions and other decisions as usual. However, some processes take longer than normal. We hope for your understanding.

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