Swedish Partnership Programme - Changed requirements regarding separate account

News - 2021-03-05
Information about payments only being made to accounts that are registered in name of the organisation.

To better ensure that ForumCiv is disbursing funds to our partner organisations, payments will only be made to Swedish Bankgiro or Plusgiro accounts that are registered in name of the organisation. This change also mean that the agreement condition that organisations must have a separate account for ForumCiv funds will no longer apply. In the agreement between you and your local partner, the Bankgiro/Plusgiro condition is replaced by the condition that the bank account must be held in the name of the organisation and that written evidence of this should be presented.

From when does this start to apply?

This agreement amendment will come into effect starting May 31st 2021. After this date, disbursements within Swedish Partnership Programme will only be made to Bankgiro or Plusgiro accounts. If you already have submitted your requisition you do not have to make any changes until your next disbursement. You can of course change to Bankgiro or Plusgiro right away if you want.

What do I have to do to change to Bankgiro/Plusgiro?

  1. If you do not already have a Bankgiro or Plusgiro account registered in name of your organisation you must start by opening one at your bank.
  2. When you have done so, fill in ForumCiv’s bank account form, sign it and email it to your handling officer. You will find all forms here.
  3. The next time you submit a requisition to ForumCiv you fill in the Bankgiro or Plusgiro account that you have stated in the bank account form.

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