Webinar: Defending human rights in Colombia amid a global pandemic

News - 2020-05-14
Colombia is the world’s deadliest country for human rights defenders. How has the corona pandemic affected this situation? What can Sweden do to address the threats and violence towards people who are defending their rights?

The violence towards human rights defenders and social activists in Colombia has escalated in recent years and is linked to the struggle for natural resources, land conflicts, criminal groups, drug trafficking and the continued presence of paramilitary groups. In addition, civil society and the government has different views on the implementation of the peace agreement.

The lock-down introduced by the Colombian government to fight the corona pandemic has had a huge impact on the informal sector and many people are not able to sustain their families anymore. Women and already marginalized groups, such as street vendors and Venezuelan migrants, have been particularly affected. How can these groups be supported and what role can Sweden play? 

These issues will be discussed in an online webinar between Francisco Gutiérrez, Director of Land restitution observatory in Colombia and Annika Otterstedt, Deputy director at Sida. The talk is moderated by Carlos Cardenas, Forum Syd Colombia.

Date: Tuesday 26th May

Time: 15.00 hrs (Swedish time) 08.00 AM (Colombian time)

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