ForumCiv explores new possibilities for development cooperation in Armenia

News - 2020-11-18
In Eastern Europe, the year 2020 has been very eventful, with the ongoing protests in Belarus, the first women elected president in Moldova and war between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh. These circumstances further exemplify the need for a strong and vibrant civil society in the region and we want to support its development.
Armenia Yerevan buildings and a mountain covered in snow

ForumCiv is happy to announce the start of a pre-study to explore possibilities for further development cooperation engagement in Armenia. 

“We are hopeful that ForumCiv can play a vital role in supporting civil society in Armenia”, says Anna Stenvinkel, Secretary General.

ForumCiv has been exploring the possibility to deepen our support to Armenia since early 2019. After a series of anti-government protests known as the “Velvet revolution”, set the country on the democratic course. The peaceful nature of the "Velvet revolution" as well as the success of it, despite geopolitical challenges, have sent a message to the region that change is possible. Even the ongoing Belarusian protests have drawn inspiration and courage from the Armenian protest. The change has also brought a “revolutionary optimism” where many young people see the opportunity to contribute to the development of society. 

“Building on experiences and input from our member organisations and partners we have already conducted several activities to bring civil society from Armenia and Sweden together”, says Ognjen Radonjic, Regional Manager Eastern Europe.

Through the pre-study, ForumCiv will explore the impact of migration on the development of the country, conduct focus groups and needs assessment of possible target groups and perform political context analysis. In this process, we plan to engage with many different actors in Armenia, Sweden, and the EU. The outcome of the pre-study will lay the foundation for developing tailored programmes for Armenia.

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